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115mm Carbide Grinding Discs - Vented Flat Tungsten Carbide Discs

Product Description: 

This tungsten carbide grinding wheel is excellent for grinding hard and soft wood, paint, plastics, varnish, rubber, sandstone, cork, limestone, glue residue, leather and other material.

Suitable for dry use, and it fits most angle grinders to help you power through grinding projects.


  • Maximum speed: 11,000 RPM

  • Dry use

  • Available grit:  16, 24, 36, 60 carbide abrasive

  • 7/8 in. arbor size (22.2mm) will fit most angle grinders


Products Details:

Ref No.                         Diameter                         Bore                           Grit

NS05-1060-h         4-5/8'' (115mm)             7/8'' (22.2mm)                 60

NS05-1036-h         4-5/8'' (115mm)              7/8'' (22.2mm)                  36

NS05-1024-h         4-5/8'' (115mm)              7/8'' (22.2mm)                  24

NS05-1016-h          4-5/8'' (115mm)              7/8'' (22.2mm)                  16

Other grits avaiable with sepecil order.

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