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Diamond/CBN Honing Sticks

Our diamond and CBN honing sticks are made by highest standard diamond or CBN in order to ensure our quality. By using our high quality and long service life diamond honing sticks on honing machine, it gives the excellent abrasive efficiency.

Our diamond and CBN honing sticks are applying in the automobile, tool and die, hydraulic parts, and engine industries. It has unique advantages for honing the hard alloy, wear resistant cast iron and alloy steel : processing with precision, high efficiency, long service life, especially for producing in large scale.

The dimension of the honing stick depends on the design of the honing holder / mandrel.  Grit sizes are upon customer request as well.

diamond and cbn Honing Sticks

Available Grits

80#, 100#,120#,150#,180#,240#


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